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Talent Testimonials

My time spent with Zenex Partners has been the most positive experience, above and beyond my experiences with any other recruiting agency. The staff has been very positive and inviting. They have shown knowledge and tenacity in finding me a position that is right for me. Thank you guys.

Mark S.

My experience with Zenex Partners was far better than what I expected and experiences with other firms. My engagement manager was most instrumental in answering my questions promptly as well as her guidance, great attitude and support.

Alvin B.

I wanted to say thank you to Zenex Partners Staffing for contacting me regarding the position. You are the best staffing firm that I’ve ever worked with and I truly appreciate your genuine help. I always felt comfortable with your team’s cheerful and positive attitude every time we spoke. I don’t ever feel like just another candidate with Zenex and I felt confident that you were looking out for my best interest. It is great to work with Zenex Partners Staffing and I will truly recommend your agency and staff to other candidates seeking job opportunities

Linda A. Accounting Clerk

I was extremely happy with the service Zenex Partners provided in helping me secure a position with Expedia. The Zenex recruiter was extremely helpful and professional throughout the entire process and was truly a pleasure to work with.

Robert D.Cruise Operations Manager

The CEO is so amazing to work with; she exceeded my dreams for the perfect Recruiter. She is all about relationships, and she is excellent at developing them among candidates and clients alike. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to grow their business with someone who has a great eye for talent.

Bella A.

Working with Zenex Partners has been great! In a matter of a few days, I had the job of my dreams with a great company, HOTWIRE.COM. Visionary assistance from my Zenex representative; She is incredible with follow up and dedicated help, always there when I need assistance! I cannot say enough about how great she and Zenex are!

Bradley  A. Manager of Air Travel and Training
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Partner Testimonials

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I had the pleasure to work with Neha while I was managing the contingent staffing program at Expedia group. She strives to consistently provide seamless service and I am impressed with her business acumen and industry knowledge. Her commitment to excellence, positive and cheerful attitude makes her a true business partner. Shweta Grover, MBA, CPM, CCWP

Global Program Manager

The leading provider of geostationary commercial satellites, with experience building and integrating some of the world’s most powerful and complex satellites and spacecraft system.

Zenex recently assisted us with a big hiring push for some very specific, highly skilled positions. They were able to produce a good number of excellent quality candidates. Neha and her team are a pleasure to work with Wendy Lewis

Senior Director of Communications

Global MSP Solution Powered by Unparalleled Expertise and Predictive Insights

It can be rare to find a supplier partner that is not only genuine and honest but also one that acts with such amazing authenticity and integrity. Zenex is an A+ supplier and they remain top of my list to keep close to me under any MSP I oversee. If you need a dedicated and strategic partner…you will find it with Neha and Zenex Partners. Kyle Fitzgerald, CCWP

Kyle Fitzgerald, CCWP

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