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We are a team with a heart and soul – passionate about creating a fun, friendly, and continuous learning atmosphere.

Teamwork is the core of our organization, and we exude this approach to add meaning to our partners’ workspace.
It is our business’s human side that makes the difference in supporting partners and talents to realize their true potential. Each of us commits to forming real connections built on trust, empathy, and intuition, not mere data and algorithms.

Meet our team

Our people are always at the heart of all our processes.
Passionate about our Work, Passionate about YOU.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Neha Verma
Founder and CEO With an unrelenting optimism, compassion, and vision, Neha has built a company with a mindset of change-makers. She strives to be an aspirational and inspirational model of the corporate world and a leader that puts others first.
Anshera Contractor
Human Resources Director Anshera believes every person in a company makes the company. She fosters a people-centered and diverse organization, where people trust each other, come to work fulfilled, and can be the best version of themselves.
Sanila Babu

Director of Recruiting

Sanila is a leader and career match-maker whose gift lies in delivering innovative solutions to partners and nurturing those relationships. She spearheads the recruitment of talents for top brands, hiring some of the brightest minds from across the globe.

The Changemakers, Talent Matchmakers & Happiness Managers