Diversity & Inclusion



Serving everyone, by including everyone.

At Zenex, we are all not the same, which makes us exceptional. We celebrate our uniqueness and value teamwork where each individual has the freedom to express themselves and collaborate with no ego involved.
We have continued to hire people from underrepresented communities to promote equality at workplace that will build a brighter future. We translate the differences of who we are, what we think, and how we experience it to transform it into something much bigger. We believe in working towards the achievement of a common goal by operating together more openly.

What we stand for

Zenex Partners stands for gender equality, diversity, and inclusion. Our local initiatives reflect our vision to support diversity and inclusion in the broadest sense. We partner with UNICEF ‘HeForShe’ movement, a non-profit foundation promoting wider acceptability and equality for women in the workplace.

We Do It Together

Promoting Equal Opportunities

We value and cherish diverse cultures; knowing our differences makes us grow and flourish. We do not discriminate based on skin, age, color, gender, diversity, nationality, marital status, religion, sexual orientation, or race.

Our inclusivity extends to not only our employees but to all our partners and talent. By building strong links with our community stakeholders, including private and public, institutional partnerships, and NGOs, we strengthen the workplace to overcome barriers and challenges.

Women in Leadership

As a Woman-Owned business, we have dedicated ourselves to becoming the frontrunner for workplace Diversity and Inclusion. We empower women in entry-level roles to grow into management positions. We achieve this by creating an environment where women have an opportunity to make meaningful professional connections within our organization, where they have the freedom to ask questions, express themselves, be creative, and gain new skills.

Purpose Before Profit

As a Woman-Owned business, we have dedicated ourselves to becoming the frontrunner for workplace Diversity and Inclusion.

We strongly support the development of underrepresented communities with guided learning. We run various local programs to advance employment opportunities and seek the active participation of women in technology.

Zenex has joined the International Organization, ‘Women In Tech®,’ to close the gender gap and help women embrace technology. The aim is to equip, educate, and empower girls and women to boost their confidence to succeed in STEM career fields.