Zenex Partners PEO & EOR Services.

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Building Entire Teams.

Legal Entity Free.

Zenex Partners PEO services allow companies to expand globally without the need to set up legal entities and manage talent acquisition issues, human resources, benefits, payroll, tax, compliance or other related issues that come along with expanding internationally.

Global Reach
Fast Hiring
Stay Compliant
Managed Tax & Benefits
We have helped built companies from scratch, expand to new regions, have gone on to hire hundreds of people, and we have also guided established companies through rapid growth and change. We offer a unique and innovative approach to staffing that can help your business grow globally and enter new markets. 

Why We're the Perfect PEO Partner

Paying and managing your people has never been easier.


Zenex Professional Employer Organization serves as a company’s HR department. From payroll to employee benefits, and other perks, Zenex PEOs will handle human resources functions to lessen the burden on the company.


Zenex professional employer organization primarily focuses on providing HR service support. 


Like: sourcing, recruiting, hiring, employee onboarding, BG checking, asset management, payrolling, Employee Benefits, Onboarding and many more.

Zenex Employer of Record oversees another company’s legal responsibilities regarding its employees. These services may include talent acquisition, onboarding, and compensation. In most cases, the Zenex EOR will be named as your employee’s employer on paper.


Zenex EOR will empower your business to hire international employees without hassle. And while they’re the employer on paper, you still get to handle delegating your employee’s daily tasks.


Our organization will allow you to do business and manage your international team from inside your country with no difficulty.

One significant difference between Zenex EOR and Zenex PEO is that Zenex EOR will come up as employers on paper, just like their name implies. However, you still have the power and the responsibility for their daily operations.


Zenex PEO does not show up on any of your employee’s records. They solely exist to assist in taking over your human resource department. Despite their differences, they come together as entities that will allow you to be more flexible and focus on your company’s core goal.


Functions shared by Zenex EOR and Zenex PEO share the following functions:

  • Risk management
  • Payroll services, including payroll processing and benefits administration.
  • Employee benefits management
  • HR Administration

Except for the employee offered salary and Service fee, there is no extra cost to any International company to employ an employee in India. 


We work on the Percentage model and fixed service fee model. Please connect with us for more details.

Zenex has a direct presence in 40+ countries all across the globe, and Zenex operates through our Partners in 50+ countries. With the network and direct presence, Zenex can deliver our services in 100+ countries all across the globe.


Directly, Zenex typically takes 8 business hours to complete the end-to-end onboarding process for an employee.

Through our Partners, Zenex will take 12 business hours to complete the end-to-end onboarding process for an employee.

Yes, Zenex will take care of End to End employment and Local Tax, statutory complaints, etc., in India and other locations for the employees under PEO/EOR service model.

Yes, Zenex will provide the employees will all the details and salary slips once the monthly salary is processed.

What Clients Say

It can be rare to find a supplier partner that is not only genuine and honest but also one that acts with such amazing authenticity and integrity. Zenex is an A+ supplier and they remain top of my list to keep close to me under any MSP I oversee.

Kyle Fitzgerald, CCWP

Program Manager with Workforce Logiq at Expedia

Zenex Partners is an extremely successful and dedicated firm. They consistently give 110% and provide the best caliber of candidates. They are extremely pleasant to work with. They are almost magical in finding people with the right skill sets. I have hired a large number of people with them. Highly organized and great follow through

Helen Fahey

Tiburon, Inc

Excellent group of recruiters who work as a team. One can ask anyone in the group and get an answer. Very quick response to customer inquiries. Everyone has a “can-do” attitude. Are able to provide a wide range of resumes for the positions sourcing for. Go the extra mile to provide that “little extra.

Sharon Baumgartner

HR Manager at Nextlabs, Inc

Zenex Partners is always dependable.

Tony Medley

Senior Program Manager at TAPFIN LLC