Contingent & Permanent



Human Approach

We add a personalized approach to our recruitment process. Each recruitment strategy is unique and custom-made to our partner’s needs. We are your modern-day talent matchmakers who not only learn about you on paper but in person as well.

We take specific time to understand the job request and work as solution providers to match the resume, mindset, and personality. We dedicate ourselves to finding the most qualified candidates for your positions.

We not only share your passion but match your values as well.

We Are YourExtended HR Team

Zenex Partners is a boutique firm. We customize solutions, advice, and strategies for each partner. We know that one size does not fit all; that is why the solutions that Zenex provides are customer-centric to both the talents and the partner.

Direct Hire Your Perfect Fit, Matched.

Our team of experienced recruiters uses a tailored approach to identify and attract the best candidates for your organization. We take care of everything from searching and selecting candidates to offering help after placement. Our process involves carefully screening candidates who match your role and creating a customized strategy for your specific needs. We use tools like psychometric testing, skill tests, and reference checks to ensure we find the right fit.

Talent match-making is an art, and we deliver just the candidate fit for you.

Temporary Staffing Flexible Staffing Solutions. Delivered.

Don’t wait to hire a full-time employee to achieve your immediate hiring needs! Whether it’s a seasonal demand or an employee’s absence due to an exigency, you can meet your current demands by hiring the best talent with Zenex!

Our team specializes in providing top-quality temporary staff for a wide range of industries. We take care of everything from sourcing and screening candidates to handling payroll and HR management.

Get high-quality temporary staff for your business with our expert staffing solutions.

Contract to HireOn-Demand and Good-to-go

Fill the vacuum between a direct hire and a temporary worker with a contract-to-hire flexible staffing option. Sometimes all you probably need is a little more time to figure things out. Assess their skills and performance on the job before hiring them directly on your payroll.

Zenex helps you scope the requirement to engage the right professional. We vet our contractors to match your skill requirement exactly. We check their reputation to deliver excellent work and ensure they have a proper insurance plan in place.

Make smart hiring decisions for long-term success today!