Why Working in RPO Recruiting is Good for Your Career

RPO or Recruitment Process Outsourcing has picked up a tremendous pace over the past decade. What was once considered a great way to hire low-paying employees, or start a career in recruitment, has today evolved into one of the most profitable, structured, and most significant contributors to an ever-growing industry landscape. 

As a recruitment specialist, you are always on tenterhooks searching for the right opportunity to explore your passion and carve a career for yourself. While you may face many roadblocks, you can create a job you want the way you want with the proper exposure. 

At some point in your profession, you must have worked with an agency or an RPO in the hope that you would land your ‘dream’ job in a more prominent company, a Fortune 500 organization, or even the Big 4! 

Well, times a changing, and it is time to let go of the old school thought process. Instead of treating an RPO as a backup plan, it’s time to start thinking of making a full-fledged career with one.

Did you know? The global RPO market size is estimated to reach $18500 million+ by 2026 from nearly $7000 million+ in 2020, with an about 17% CAGR growth from 2021 – 2026. 

Now, don’t these numbers look exciting? 

The dilemma of joining an RPO  

Today, more reputable and well-renowned global organizations are hiring the best recruitment process outsourcing firms not only because they are cost-effective but because they come with diverse skillsets and expertise. 

We know more often than not, RPO recruiters put themselves through self-analysis about their careers and career choices. And it is natural to go through these emotions because we understand your job involves judging other peoples’ career choices and making a decision based on those choices. But if the same sentiment falls in your court, you don’t know where to start.  

But what if we were to tell you that being part of an RPO today is not the same as working in it a decade ago? 

Expand your career trajectory  

We often prioritize working for a specific company than a particular industry as a recruiter. A person who works for one company for several years acquires the experience but not necessarily the right skills compared to one who works in multiple organizations. 

While you may know recruitment, are you staying updated with the latest trends? Are you learning different methods and efficient ways to recruit talent, and can you make a difference in the process? Your career trajectory with an RPO is far more lucrative in the long run than working with one company or traditional companies in the short run. 

Did you know? Recruiters get an opportunity to explore both sides of the coin while working with an RPO. You can work on-site at the client location or offsite by providing support for various locations! 

Now that’s what we call a global footprint. 

Work for diverse companies in a short period. 

As a recruiter with an RPO, you get an opportunity to explore diverse skill sets across several industries that will expand your knowledge and add to your portfolio. Imagine sitting in Asia, working for an RPO, and recruiting for the biggest telecom giants in the world such as Microsoft, Samsung, or Apple! You get the opportunity to learn their systems, understand how different firms work, talent acquisition tools, and explore a diverse company culture. 

Vis-à-vis, imagine working for the same company in different capacities but not gaining that exposure you’d enjoy. We often see people moving out to explore new and better opportunities. However, working with an RPO allows you to move within the company, explore different expertise, and work with other clients. 

Since you are now equipped with in-depth knowledge of different industries, handling other clients and completing separate requisitions becomes a cakewalk. Your mind is your powerhouse, ready to explore the nuances of any industry. 

Expounded knowledge 

No two individuals are alike, and nor are their aspirations. RPO often gives you the freedom to explore your talent better. Some may enjoy working only on IT requirements, while others may enjoy working with a manufacturing company. Whatever your preference, you expound your knowledge base and work closely with the hiring managers, HR business partners, and organization leaders at the ground level. 

It helps you become a team player, study recruitment processes and tools, learn to work with different temperaments, and handle any situation tactfully. 


Today, several companies are widely moving towards adopting on-site RPO services to build relationships, simplify the hiring process, and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization. Working for an RPO does not limit your exposure to only small and mid-sized companies. It also allows you to work for the Top Fortune 500 companies and their talent acquisition team and learn their processes. It paves the way for consistent growth, more exposure, and a chance to rise to global recruitment standards. 

From BFSI to IT, Manufacturing to Engineering, Retail to FMCG, RPO recruiters are creating ripples in the market and charting excellent careers for themselves. Do you have it in you too?

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