The Future of the Gaming Industry & The Importance of Top Talent

The gaming industry has grown drastically from arcade machines to dedicated consoles and handhelds. In such a dynamic industry, hiring quality talent is even more important. With that in mind, here is why you should focus on hiring just the right skills for your gaming company.

In recent years, gaming has reached the point where it has diminished the boundary between reality and fantasy. Games have been more and more utilized to engage consumers and educate people in various fields of work. With better and more creative visual stimuli, the excitement and passion for gaming will increase.

According to a survey by Statista, by 2025, the global gaming industry is foreseen to be worth $268.81 billion, increasing at a 9.17% annual pace from 2020 to 2025. 

Tech companies like Facebook and Sony are venturing into the gaming industry, infusing significant resources to create Virtual Reality (VR) hardware and games. For instance, Facebook’s Oculus VR headset, along with Sony’s Wipeout Omega Collection and Firewall Zero Hour, is already creating a buzz in the market. 

Taking off faster than VR, Augmented Reality (AR) gaming has also been winning the biggest traction, especially on mobile phones, as people have more liking for games that deal with reality. According to tech companies like Facebook and Apple, AR will advance further through specially made glasses.

Cloud gaming companies have been offering consumers the ability to play games streamed from their distant servers. Sony, Microsoft, and Nvidia have introduced their cloud gaming services in the last few years.

The conversation about the gaming industry’s future is incomplete without speaking of the metaverse, a visionary idea that has amazed many of the world’s leading gaming companies. You find it on gaming platforms like Sandbox, which has gained a lot of acclaim in no time by offering gamers a virtual world where they can create and even monetize their virtual experiences.

Like your customers push the limits in their games, they also expect you to expend new techniques and technologies to boost their gaming experience, taking the games closer to reality and more challenges. To serve the best to your customers, investing in the best skills of the gaming industry has become inevitable.

Why is it important to hire the best skills for your gaming company?

Your employees are your greatest assets. So, it doesn’t matter what the vacant job position is. It can be difficult but crucial to fill it with just the right skills and talent.

Why should you focus on hiring the perfect talent? Here are 4 reasons why:

Reduced cost of hiring

With new technologies being developed all the time, it is not a secret that the gaming industry hiring process is expensive. A recent survey by the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) stated that the average cost per hire is around $4,129. Apart from background checks and job postings, you must spend money on technical and game development skill tests and simulations. 

If you hire a less qualified person, you have to repeat the same hiring process, increasing the cost manifold. Hiring an ideally skilled candidate prevents going through the hiring process again and incurring additional costs.

Absence of bad attitude

Hiring a candidate with inadequate skills can adversely affect your company. They can weaken the morale of your employees by damaging the work culture with a bad attitude or causing fellow team members to make up for their low-quality work. They can also harm your customer relationships due to their inefficiency.

A well-competent employee brings new game development skills and technical experience to your team and increases your company culture’s warmth, motivation, and harmony. So, hiring the best talent will strengthen morale and add to your teams’ skills.

Effective Customer Service

Jay Baer, bestselling author and motivational business growth expert on marketing and word-of-mouth, said, “Customer service is the new marketing. It’s what differentiates one business from another.” Outstanding customer service is the topmost priority for any company. It reflects the personality of the company and leads to customer retention. 

By recruiting a highly skilled person, who regards customers and colleagues likewise, you’re promoting the best customer service experience in the industry. Without a suitable person servicing your customers the way they want it might push your potential customers to switch to your competitor.

Business Growth

Nothing sets the foundation for the future of your gaming company, like hiring a highly-skilled workforce does. Bringing the best talents on board ensures that they grow with your gaming company and contribute to your companies overall success. Aligning your talent pool and active candidates with your business growth strategies help in shaping the future of your company and showcase a growth trajectory that beckons them to stay.

The evolution continues everyday

The gaming industry is a multi-billion-dollar industry, and with so much of their money invested, your competitors are fighting to get their share. It has increased the necessity of getting the best skills to gain a competitive edge.

A highly skilled team can develop games that feel more realistic and also bring the most complicated aspect of the human brain – fantasy – to reality. Bad hiring damages your company in one way or another. It avoids conducting the hiring process again and again and hence additional costs.

Perfectly skilled candidates serve the customers efficiently and are thus vital for your company’s growth in the competitive gaming arena.

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